About Kausec

Just a bunch of developers trying to save the world.

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Who We Are

No one special. We’re just a passionate team of developers seeking to make a difference where others fail. Kausec was established as a means for us to put our ideas as programmers into practice, but use our services to contribute to a better world. We have the knowledge of design and development, but instead of trying to capitalize on profits, we’d rather see our excess be pushed into people and initiatives that will promote a better ecology.

What We Do

Write Code. More specifically, develop marketing tools and applications that increase conversions, beautify data and bring easier access to systems otherwise locked away by corporate companies. We’re not here to re-invent the wheel, we just want to give it an upgrade.


Because we want to be the immovable object in the face of an unstoppable force. The world is suffering in so many ways, whether it’s human rights, access to clean water and food, climate change or overall unchecked cruelty. We don’t know if we can stand up to the media and corporations, but we can try to fund the improvement of lifestyles, around the globe.

Wanna Chat?

Send us an enquiry below and tell us whats on your mind.

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    5 Star Rating by Really cool product and at a great value... Really cool product and at a great value. Not a lot of our competitors are doing this, so it sets our website apart from others. We’ve also seen sales increase since adding the reviews to our site.
    5 Star Rating by Kausec is only in its early stages of op... Kausec is only in its early stages of operating, but has already proven to be very beneficial to my business. I've received more visitors to my site than previously with a much higher conversion rate.
    5 Star Rating by Nice job... Nice job
    5 Star Rating by
    5 Star Rating by These tools are something that I've want... These tools are something that I've wanted for a while but have been too expensive. Good to see someone taking an eco-friendly view on business as well.
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