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We're here to make a difference and here to make an impact.

We aim to contribute and aid meaningful causes, world-wide, in the fight for basic human and animal rights and pushing clean, sustainable lifestyles.

A percentage of monthly revenue will be pushed into the aid of causes supporting poverty, animal cruelty, ocean clean ups, tree planting and sustainable energy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Displaying Reviews Increase Conversions?

From Kausec's and other organisations research, the answer is yes. This is because most users resonate with companies that hold a good reputation and are more likely to make purchases from those who hold a better rating. Over 70% of consumers read customer reviews before making a decision and product reviews increase sales by 18% on average.

Does Kausec increase my review rating?

The functionality of our product is not to increase your rating, but to offer your reviews in an engaging way, whilst letting people submit reviews to Google and Facebook. With our Enterprise plans (and above) you have the ability to choose the lowest rating displayed. eg. 4 stars and above, further showcasing your strengths as a business.

Does your widget support schema mark-up?

Yes! Our review widget for Wordpress is integrated with Google Review Schema for both Aggregate Rating and Simple Review. This helps Google recognise your reviews and gives them a better chance of showing up in Search Engine Results.

Who Does Kausec Donate To?

We have multiple charities that accepted our offer for assistance. These include, but are not limited to:

We are looking for further charities to join our effort and emplore you to reach out to us.

Why Add Reviews to Your Website?

As we continue to buy more and more online, having customer reviews on your website is a powerful and influential marketing tool. Lets break down why exactly that is:

The benefits of customer reviews

There are many benefits of customer reviews, for example:

  • Boosting trust in your company, product, or service
  • Influencing the decision-making process
  • Shortening the time to purchase a product
  • Improved SEO positioning

Does it sound attractive?

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, customers reviews have to be authentic. Many companies have seen the benefits of customer reviews and try to get ahead in the game by buying fake reviews online. Copywriters offer to write glowing reviews for your product or service.

There’s only one problem – fake customer reviews are often more damaging than helpful.

Gaining your customer reviews organically will be more time-consuming, but will be far more effective. People don’t trust perfect reviews, because no one is perfect. 5 stars are looked at as too good to be true, where as 3.5 and below will start to be seen as untrustworthy. So there is a sweet spot that you need to sit between.

Reviews made by real clients will contain grammatical errors, suggestions, and negative opinions. The point is, real reviews will be written by real people, not bots or professionals. Sometimes no review will be left at all, just a star rating. Dont be discouraged by receiving negative reviews, they help us grow as a company and show us where we can improve.

How to embed customer reviews on your website?

This is where we come in. Our review widget always you to embed your Google My Business Reviews straight on your website.

Its a very simple process in which you choose a package that suites your needs, connect your URL and Google My Business account and the embed our script to your website. We also have a WordPress app to streamline this process which is even easier.

Our reviews widget allows your website traffic to see and read your past reviews, as well as includes links to leave a review and a link to your Google My Business Map. We’ve also added Google’s Review Schema Data so that you have the best chance for your reviews to appear in Search Results.

Customer reviews in a nutshell

Customer reviews will add social proof to your website. Your potential customers will know that you’re a trusted company. Furthermore, customer feedback will give you insights into how you could improve your product and the overall buying experience. That’s free data to use at your disposal!

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    5 Star Rating by Really cool product and at a great value... Really cool product and at a great value. Not a lot of our competitors are doing this, so it sets our website apart from others. We’ve also seen sales increase since adding the reviews to our site.
    5 Star Rating by Kausec is only in its early stages of op... Kausec is only in its early stages of operating, but has already proven to be very beneficial to my business. I've received more visitors to my site than previously with a much higher conversion rate.
    5 Star Rating by Nice job... Nice job
    5 Star Rating by
    5 Star Rating by These tools are something that I've want... These tools are something that I've wanted for a while but have been too expensive. Good to see someone taking an eco-friendly view on business as well.
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